Wednesday, 3 August 2016

More printmaking.

Our older children are also exploring printmaking. 

Following last terms incursion of an African drumming group, we looked at Adinkra cloth from Ghana. The symbols on this cloth all have meaning and are made with a combination of simple geometric shapes. The children used these ideas as inspiration to create their own symbols that have meaning to them. 

They are using Lino printmaking techniques, transferring their designs onto the Lino and carving away the negative space. 

These designs will be printed onto fabric to be used as backdrops for our upcoming Cultural Presentations where the kids will share what they've been doing in Art,LOTE and Music. After this event the backdrops will be made into curtains for the music room. 

Planning the design.
Transferred onto Lino. 
Carving CAREFULLY!!!! 

Using a bench hook,

Making sure our fingers are BEHIND the carving tool

and we are carving away from them.

Doing our best to follow the 'No blood in the art room rule' ;) fortunately only a couple of mishaps!

Artist proofs (first test prints to check if the printmaking plate is ready)

They are going to be great backdrops! 

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