Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ceramic centenary project.

Last year was our centenary year. The children across the school did a lot of research about life in the past, this included looking at school days in the past. We discussed what things we would remember about our time at school when we grew up. These things were recorded on ceramic tiles.

the children rolled out the clay using spacers (two lengths of wood of the required thickness) and used a template to cut a square of clay. This square was carved out and added to using the scraps of clay cut away from the edges. 

Each tile has something relating to our school today. ABC 123 - reading and writing, art, music, PE, crunch and sip, the Pally Patch and kitchen, the dogs that get tied to the fence when they come for a walk to drop kids off to school in the morning.
I found another 30 or so tiles that were tucked in a high shelf drying and still need to fire those, I'm waiting for the 6/7s to finish glazing their work to get a full kiln so there will be another two lengths of tiles to add to these soon.

A flock of feathered friends

All the children from year 1to 5 are working on a sculpture unit using paper mâché as a technique.
The year ones are making simple birds using folded paper plates and card triangles for beaks.

After making several layers of news paper and tissue they used patterend paper and feathers to decorate their forms.

I made nests by scrunching paper bags down -they thought I was very clever. Little kids are so good for ones self esteem - unless you make the error of asking them to guess how old you are!

The year threes are making animals by joining simple forms like spheres made from newspaper or cylinders etc to make cute animals or aliens.

The 4s and 5s have been challenged to create more complex forms by joining a variety of materials to make "Jub Jub Birds" to fit their unit in the class on poetry or figures from early australian colonial days to link in with their history unit in class.

The room looks a bit messier than usual as it is full of recycled junk that is being transformed into art works.

Monday, 27 October 2014

art club.

 On Tuesdays I don't have duty so I open the art studio for "Art Club". It is an opportunity for kids to catch up on work they may have missed due to absences or from falling behind if they work too slowly (or get too distracted talking to their friends! ) It is also a chance for those kids who love all things arty to spend some time playing with or exploring materials and their ideas.
Some days I have two or three kids sometimes I've had 50+ with kids spilling onto the verandah using chalks and colouring pencils. 
One young lady needed a prop for a dance recital and needed some advice on how to recreate Audry 2 for a dance they will be doing to the Little Shop of Horrors song. I've been coaching her and a willing band of helpers through the construction and decoration of her model. It is so nearly finished!
the test will come when they dance around with it! But it looks fantastic!
Well done girls

Thursday, 23 October 2014

history links

A couple of classes are looking at early settlement times in Australia. 
To link in with their classroom theme I modified the paper mâché project I'd planned for these two yr 3/4 classrooms. Rather than make animals we have opted to create some characters that may have been around in early colonial times. 

We researched some images of paintings and early photos of those times and made notes in our visual diaries using sketches and some phrases or adjectives.
Today we used bottles, card, pipe cleaners and newspaper to create armatures (frames) for our sculptures that will be covered with paper mâché next week.

Some are making bushrangers, others swagmen a couple are making soldiers and there are quite a few ladies with bonnets and parasols! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Captuing Motion

My yr6/7 classes have been exploring photography as a way of capturing figures in motion and as a way to collect images that can be used to develop into a painting that shows motion.

We started by looking at Duchamp's painting "Nude Descending Stairs" 

I had this on the interactive white board with no information to give them any clues to what it was about. I used the VTS questioning to get them thinking. I also asked then to think of 4 adjectives to describe the painting in order to support a need in our school to develop vocabulary for improvement in literacy. We discussed the artist and what influenced him and this led us to look at the photographic work of Eadweard Muybridge. It was interesting to see how this man's artistic endeavors over 100 years ago has relevance to the entertainment we enjoy today. His experiments in capturing movement paved the way for motion pictures!

Then it was time to get the cameras out and start taking pictures. The children took photos of each other leaping into the air and creatin interesting shapes with their body.

These have been uploaded to the computers and this week we will select an image to work with and develop it into a painting.