Thursday, 25 August 2016

Book week

Today we had our book week dress up parade. There is SO much excitement and energy in the school - on top of that everyone is wearing fancy clothes that we don't want paint or ink on so I decided to take advantage of the colour and fun of the day and use it for inspiration of our art works. 

Our normal art classes, following this terms programme of work would have us printing with messy ink or using messy PVA glue and paint so with all our special costumes I thought it bes to make a programme detour!

I decided to go as 'Ragged Little Blossom' from Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. This presented a learning opportunity to show the kids other art work by May Gibbs.

 I had a sudden Light bulb moment this morning as I got ready for school and came up with a cool idea for today's art classes using her work as inspiration. I found a few gum leaves and copied them in coupler on the photocoppier. 

The children looked at May Gibbs's work and used their imagination to populate their gum leaves with their own fairy folk - cute or gruesome, their choice!     

Some kids decided to use their sketch books to plan and try out different critters and creatures ...

Others just jumped in and began drawing.

The other option was to use a long strip of paper to record some of their favourite costumes in the Book Week parade.

We all decided it was one of the best art lessons ever!


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