Thursday, 11 August 2016

Groovy Shakers

Our 'Cultural Presentation' day is fast approaching! The children from PP/1 up to the threes in room 14 are decorating the shakers they have made in music. They will be using them during music lessons and during the performance.

We covered their rice filled containers with a couple of layers of paper mâché.

 Last week some classes managed to get their shakers painted and today they decorated them with a variety of materials.

At the beginning of the lesson I showed them the types of materials that were available - feathers, Pom poms, foam shapes, sequins, tissue and coloured papers. We discussed ways that the various materials could be used.

The children then planned their designs selecting from the materials available. The only direction was they had to use at least one of the paper ribbons they printed patterns on last week and not grab handfuls of all the materials without thinking of others. 

There wasn't a mountain of certain things so they were limited to about four of some things. For example they could have four big feathers or four alien stickers but not 4 of both. Luckily my stock order arrived today so these trays of goodies can be replenished for next weeks classes.

There were heaps of sequins and small feathers so there was no limit - besides being thoughtful and using only what you need and returning the rest! 

Part of the lesson is to be creative within the limitations of what is available and to share what is there.

We are also busy writing procedures explaining how to do paper mâché, so some children were finishing these off and will complete their shakers next week.

Some children completed theirs today. They are looking fab! 

I can't wait to see them all done. They will look amazing!


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