Saturday, 15 April 2017

Highlights from term one!

Clay critters yr 4/5
Chalky pastels yr 6
Watercolour paint yr 6
Fork paintings yr4/5
Colour mixing 'ink blot ' dragons yrs 1/2

Monday, 13 March 2017

Welcome to term 1 2017

We've been pretty busy in the art studio and have already learnt lots and are well on the way to creating some great artworks. 

Most classes have created artworks to cover their visual diaries (scrap books) Each class room have art works with a different focus to make it easy to sort the 450 scrap books stored in our art room. 

  Rooms 7,8 & 9 used crayon and a variety of lines to create a wax resist abstract art work.

Rooms 10,11,12 have used traced templates of shapes and lines and watercolour paint to create artworks using warm and cool colours.

Rooms 13 & 14 have made art works using large bubble numbers of their class number and divided the page into segments. To make the number stand out the children have painted the number with either warm or cool colours and the opposite for the background.

Rooms 1,19,20,24 & 25 have learnt about colour values and created a value scale using one colour and black and white.

 Room 1 & 2 have created a colour web using primary, secondary and tertiary colours and shades and tints of these colours. These were quite complicated and took a bit longer than intended. The children found it a little trickier than they expected creating shades and tints of each colour. They also found out how important it is to keep their mixing water and brushes clean!