Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Lots of Lino

Today the children from rooms 25 and 3 started printing with fabric ink onto or lengths of curtain fabric. These will be used as backdrops for our Cultural presentation day and then turned into much needed curtains for the music room.

The children also had the opportunity to create a run of four individual prints for themselves on paper. These ones will come home at the end of the year. 
Once they had printed or were waiting for their turn to print the children began to write a procedure outlining how to make a Lino print.
To make the turn taking fair the kids grab a peg from my numbered peg station. When the printmaking station is free I call out the next number. This saves a lot of time where they would otherwise be waiting in line for their turn.
There are some great designs! They look fabulous together. I can't wait to see the whole lot completed!

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