Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lovely Landscapes

Having made our puppets several classes wrote character descriptions about one of them. After describing their physical features, skills or talents and personality the children thought about where their puppet character might live. 
These ideas were realised in the form of wax resist landscapes. 
The pp/1 classes worked from their imaginations. We talked about the foreground and the background of the picture and ways to show textures for grass and leaves. We also recalled how we can use basic shapes to build a drawing.
The yr 2/3 class discussed Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' first, looking at the lines the artist used and how space was shown in the painting. We observed things were high or low on the page, big or small and overlapping. 
I demonstrated how to create a wax resist drawing - keeping firm pressure on the crayon to ensure it covered the paper so that the paint would roll off the coloured section when watery paint is applied with a soft bristle brush.
The settings ranges from tropical islands, seaside shacks to busy cities and magical forests. Great use of imagination and some lovely work.

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