Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Free choice Christmas activities

This week the kids will be bringing home their art room scissors, pencils etc and their visual diaries ( scrap books) some classes have not used the whole book, other children love to make a lot of planning drawings so they may have completely filled their books. I've given them a holiday drawing 'challenge' with a selection of ideas to keep them in the habit of drawing over the break and so they can fill their visual diary with daily (or almost daily ) drawings! 

Being the end of the year the kids have been doing a variety of quick simple activities that can be completed in one lesson. Some of them are Christmas themed, some are not, however even the Christmassy ones can be adapted for those children who don't do Christmas activities for whatever reason - or if they've just had Christmas overload. ;)

So the holidays are nearly upon us! If you are looking for ideas to entertain your kids please consider taking your kids to one of our local galleries or take a train into Perth and visit the cultural centre, with the Art Gallery of WA and PICA within easy walking distance of the central train station. AGWA and PICA both run holiday workshops for kids - check out AGWA's website as they sometimes have free kids activities to go with their exhibitions. Fremantle Art Centre runs kids holiday workshops and often have interesting free exhibitions and now have a kids activity space that is linked to the exhibition they are running. 

Whatever you do this holiday I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break. 

Merry Christmas and happy new year! 

Miss Knight.


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