Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Amazing 3D

At the end of last term we did some paper mâché over the milk cartons left from the milk supplied to schools to promote dairy. There were SO many milk cartons that the challenge for our waste size school was to think of ways to use them. 
The year 5 and 6 classes created plain house forms that they were able to decorate in any way they wanted to. 
They will be used as an art installation for the pally deck open day. We discussed that the fact that they were all the same form - with a few exceptions where a couple of kids opted to join two or three cartons together, created a sense of unity, making them look like a set that belonged together despite the fact that they are all decorated differently. 
These differences or variety create interest, making people want to take a closer look. The kids came up with some pretty cool ideas and they look great en masse.
After finishing these forms the children looked at them carefully from different angles, observing the lines and shapes that they could see.
They made several drawings creating different shades to create 3D drawings in their visual diaries. 
Next we used these drawings to create paintings using acrylic paint. We learnt about how the brush strokes are visible with thick paint and we need to think about how we apply the paint.
Acrylic paint is also pretty opaque and can be layered so it is important to do the background first and build up the paintings.
The children selected one colour for their house form and created a sense of depth by mixing shades and tints of that colour. 

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