Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Magic movies.

One of my year 6 classes have just finished creating animated movies using shadow puppets from a previous activity. We have 5 iPads to share in the art studio so the children had to work collaboratively with five or so others.

 I selected the groups of children that would not normally choose to work together and appointed a group leader who was to make sure everyone was involved.  They had to use one puppet from each person in their group and come up with a story to animate. They had freedom to explore their backdrops using materials from around the room. 

After finishing our work we reflected on what made a good collaborative group. All groups agreed that cooperating and listening to each other's ideas was important as was coming to a consensus or using a bit of everyone's ideas somewhere in their film. The other thing was to make sure everyone was involved with jobs to do and making sure everyone had a turn at 'the fun stuff' 

My other year 6 classwill be starting theirs very soon. Theirs will be slightly different because theirs will be linked to their water wise, environment and geography units. 

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