Monday, 27 October 2014

art club.

 On Tuesdays I don't have duty so I open the art studio for "Art Club". It is an opportunity for kids to catch up on work they may have missed due to absences or from falling behind if they work too slowly (or get too distracted talking to their friends! ) It is also a chance for those kids who love all things arty to spend some time playing with or exploring materials and their ideas.
Some days I have two or three kids sometimes I've had 50+ with kids spilling onto the verandah using chalks and colouring pencils. 
One young lady needed a prop for a dance recital and needed some advice on how to recreate Audry 2 for a dance they will be doing to the Little Shop of Horrors song. I've been coaching her and a willing band of helpers through the construction and decoration of her model. It is so nearly finished!
the test will come when they dance around with it! But it looks fantastic!
Well done girls

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