Thursday, 28 November 2013

Animal antics

Wow only three weeks left of school. It can be a tricky time in the art studio. The kids are getting more and more excited and a bit tired too. The weather heats up and they start to droop (so does the teacher sometimes!) Lucky we do have an air cooler - evaporative which makes any pre-cut paper strips curl into tight little springs as I discovered when I pre-cut hundreds of paper strips ready for what was supposed to be a quick activity at the end of the year last year.

Quick activities are what you need at this stage because in reality there are only two more lessons left as the last week will be eaten up with award presentations and graduation assemblies along with special end of year excursions for some classes. This also means that some classes have fewer lessons left than others and there really isn't time to launch into new activities as everything has to be finished AND tidy..... tidy now that IS a trick in an art studio that encourages independence in children and has over 400 students passing through its doors in a week.

So here's one quick fun (not too messy!) activity that stimulates the kids imaginations at the same time!

This week some of the classes have been looking at this painting "School Rules" by William Holbrook Beard

After a discussion about the painting I gave the kids some photocopied animal heads which they cut out and arranged on their paper to create their own pictures of animals dressed as humans doing human like activities.
Here are some from year 4.

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