Thursday, 14 February 2013

Welcome to a new school year.... OR...Whate happened to term three??? What about term Four?

We had a a server upgrade on our computer at school and as a result I am now no longer able to access this blog at school. This can be remedied but hasn't been a big priority so it hasn't been resolved just yet- a far more pressing problem is a lack of power in my art room this week!  Fortunately I have power in the top half of the room, lights and air con work- well when I say the air con works it is evaporative and is not terribly effective, but better than nothing in this heat!
SO anyway the blog took a back burner in the last term with Art Blast, reports and an end of year stall at our local farmers market! I am hoping to ensure I update this on a regular basis to share what we are doing as the year goes by, making a habit of downloading images at home from my school camera or onto an external hard drive (I am in trouble for using up too much space on the school computer Ooops! ) or make sure I can update the blog at school- I'll move it up the priority list.

We started the school year off looking at a group this group of art works.

The kids were asked to see if they could find what they all had in common. 
Very cleverly most classes were able to find that each artwork used the arts elements of line, shape/form, colour, texture, tone. But they were quite surprised to find that all of these works were completed in 1913, exactly 100 years ago. What surprised them most was that some of them look very modern even though 100 years ago is a very long time ago and is "the olden days". This prompted some discussion about how long people have been making art works and what that looks like on the time line.

This year will be a big one for us as we celebrate our centenary. Hence the 100 year old art works! ;) We have some great things planned.  I will be making bunting with all the classes to help decorate and make the school festive on our open day in term 4. The idea for this came from the suggestion that we make a quilt and each child make a square. The problem with quilts is where do they go once they are done? They hang in the library for years getting dusty and then someone comes along and wants to get rid of it and then where does it go? Although bunting uses a traditional technique of sewing and applique it is also very very 'now' they are popping up in magazines and on Pinterest by the dozen! They can be strung up for the spacial celebration and pulled down and stored in large plastic zip lock bags until the next event and brought out for that event. So the art works have a real purpose- I love it when that happens. So, bunting made using technology that is old and then for something new, very new!
I managed to organise something very contemporary with VJZoo working with us to create a very modern projection artwork onto the roof top of our eastern wing on our open day celebration. I'm really looking forward to that!

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